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designer wedding shoes us

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designer wedding shoes us

Press "Add to Cart" to buy this color combination. Or make your sneakers one of a kind by pressing "Customize" to change colors and materials or to add an unique statement. The Landscape are handcrafted in Portugal and use premium Italian leathers that assure quality, comfort and durability.

We recommend taking one size up from your regular EU size. Your sneakers do not fit? Free exchanges and returns!

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designer wedding shoes us

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  • designer wedding shoes us

    • Handcrafted in Portugal
    • Color block leather sneaker
    • Premium Italian leather
    • Multi-texture upper: plain and grainy calf leather, soft suede and premium nubuck
    • Cord style polyester laces
    • Polyester mesh lining
    • Leather/Foam insole - fully breathable and antibacterial, completely removable for daily use
    • Contrast rubber cupsole - stitched and glued for durability
    • Embossed logo
    • We recommend taking one size up from your regular EU size

    designer wedding shoes us

    • Upper: Calf Leather
    • Lining: 100% Polyester

  • designer wedding shoes us

    All of our products are made to order in a craft workshop in Portugal. After your order is processed, we try our best to dispatch them within 15 days and we will keep you informed about the entire process, from order to delivery. 

    Your order will be delivered by DHL. We only offer Express Shipping because it guarantees that your sneakers and its packaging arrive in perfect conditions in 2-4 business days (depending on the country) after they are made. You will receive updates regarding shipment through email or message. To see more details, please check our FAQs.

  • designer wedding shoes us

    designer wedding shoes us

    designer wedding shoes us Apply a thin layer of leather balm and once it’s dry, gently brush to keep the finish of the leather always in good conditions. Opt for softer hog bristles to make sure you don’t damage your sneakers. A leather protector spray is also an option to consider.

    designer wedding shoes us Use a brush to gently remove any dirt or dust. Brush in the direction of the fabric’s grain to avoid damaging it. Dry stains can be removed by using a white or brown gum eraser. If it doesn't work we advise you to visit your local cobbler and get additional advice.

    designer wedding shoes us Nubuck cloths are the best option to remove dirt and shiny spots. Wipe in several directions using circular motions and make sure you cover the entire nap area.

    designer wedding shoes us Clean the dirt with a dampened cloth and carefully soak the sole in a mixture of water and dishwashing soap. Make sure you don’t soak the upper part! Use a toothbrush with the mixture to scrub your soles. Once it’s done, dry the sneakers using a cloth.

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Given the low price of these sunglasses I'm very pleased with the quality. The frames are an attractive, nice fitting style and the lenses have a mirrored exterior that nearly completely blocks your eyes from being seen from the outside. The only con I could think to mention is a somewhat distracting amount of glare from the wearer's side of the mirrored lenses. Overall I think these are a really solid deal.
Order one size up from normal.
Just received my new wallet. Replaced one I had for over 14 years I purchased in Italy. Very well made and reason I purchased it was for the security of credit cards.
Best purse I've ever owned!!!! Came in a plastic bag with the designer name on it, then it was wrapped in another material to keep from getting anything on it. I really love this purse, it has lots of room. I will for sure be looking for more of this designers purses to buy!!!
Buen producto
Somewhat small for me, so gave the hat to my son. Perfect fit for him. He wears it daily and loves the fit.
Does its job and repels water. Bulky, but intended to be worn over clothes. The jacket showed heavy wear after just a couple times using it. Threads/fibers were frayed.
This beanie is way too big, way too long, and if you cuff it, you're going to look bad.
They fit perfectly - a bit snug and just the way I like them. Sadly it seems that some of them may shrink a bit during washing (even when following instructions).
They come in all sizes And every color of the rainbow.
Except for pink. I didn't see pink thank God.
Or purple either. But if they had purple I guess that would be okay. But definitely not pink
Bought four pairs on sale here on Amazon and had the same issue MANY other customers have already described; The outer seam of the jeans twist inward and end up in the center of your ankle. I thought maybe it was a personal issue because I buy jeans with a little extra length so they don't expose my socks when I sit down, but putting on every other pair of jeans I own, including my old Levis of 7 and 13 years did not exhibit this issue. My purchase was "Shipped from and sold by Amazon," but these jeans are definitely defective as best. Amazon should look into their supplier/distributor and Levi's should be wary about how their brand is being reflected with this massive issue.
My husband wears a size 16 shoe. These work great for his large flipper feet
Like them, but the fit is a little unusual. Sometimes uncomfortable.
No comment
Just what I wanted!
I really like this wallet. It has made me so much more organized, cut down on junk I carry around, and it's super stylish! My one complaint is that the material on the button has already worn off but at least the material underneath is kinda the same color as the wallet (brown) so it's not very noticeable! This has completely replaced my need for a purse! Highly recommend.
Be forewarned -- this is another case of colors not being what they appear in Amazon photos.
I have the black ones and the turtle shell ones. They look great. But if you want one of the "colored" frames, you're not going to get what you see in the pic. I ordered the red ones, which look really cool and sharp in the photo. When I received the glasses, my first thought was that they belong on a Mr. Potato Head. Seriously, they look like a toy. I gave them to my toddler. The red is nowhere near the same as what you see in the pic. In actuality, it looks like red candy, like something you'd find in a bin at the local five and dime, or maybe an impulse buy at the drug store. Or maybe something that would fall out of a pinata. It's the kind of red that screams "I can't afford sunglasses for adults." Am I getting my point across?
Sturdy and great price
Exactly what I expected, the consummate bandanna.
Comfortable and great price!
These are very comfortable socks. I much prefer low rise. Not too tight around the top elastic but firm. I bought mine at Target but this is a better price. A good value.
Esto no es cuero, es un material sinttico. El modelo esta bonito pero no luce de calidad.
cotton % is much less than posted on item received
In preparing for my first long distance backpacking trip I found these socks while researching proper foot wear. I bought 6 pair of these socks several weeks ago. I love them and they are the ONLY socks I wear anymore!
Though the sleeves are pretty long, I absolutely love this product and will get more. I am sensitive to sun. Wore this shirt out on a boat trip all day. Forehead got burned but I was very comfortable and protected on my torso without having to slather goop all over myself.

Great shirt.
Product that I received does not look like how it shows in the picture. The picture shows the underwear is all black with colors at the waist band.The ones that I received have bright colors at the seams, looks a little funny.
On the page it stated "Buy the next size up". Don't follow that advice! It fit fine on the very last hole. These type belts don't take more holes very well. They also stretch a little when new. I knew it would shortly be too large so I returned it.
Bought as a gift, it fit them well & looks very good. Dressy, professional, just a very nice looking belt.