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designer light blue shoes

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designer light blue shoes

Press "Add to Cart" to buy this color combination. Or make your sneakers one of a kind by pressing "Customize" to change colors and materials or to add an unique statement. The Landscape are handcrafted in Portugal and use premium Italian leathers that assure quality, comfort and durability.

We recommend taking one size up from your regular EU size. Your sneakers do not fit? Free exchanges and returns!

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designer light blue shoes

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  • designer light blue shoes

    • Handcrafted in Portugal
    • Color block leather sneaker
    • Premium Italian leather
    • Multi-texture upper: plain and grainy calf leather, soft suede and premium nubuck
    • Cord style polyester laces
    • Polyester mesh lining
    • Leather/Foam insole - fully breathable and antibacterial, completely removable for daily use
    • Contrast rubber cupsole - stitched and glued for durability
    • Embossed logo
    • We recommend taking one size up from your regular EU size

    designer light blue shoes

    • Upper: Calf Leather
    • Lining: 100% Polyester

  • designer light blue shoes

    All of our products are made to order in a craft workshop in Portugal. After your order is processed, we try our best to dispatch them within 15 days and we will keep you informed about the entire process, from order to delivery. 

    Your order will be delivered by DHL. We only offer Express Shipping because it guarantees that your sneakers and its packaging arrive in perfect conditions in 2-4 business days (depending on the country) after they are made. You will receive updates regarding shipment through email or message. To see more details, please check our FAQs.

  • designer light blue shoes

    designer light blue shoes

    designer light blue shoes Apply a thin layer of leather balm and once it’s dry, gently brush to keep the finish of the leather always in good conditions. Opt for softer hog bristles to make sure you don’t damage your sneakers. A leather protector spray is also an option to consider.

    designer light blue shoes Use a brush to gently remove any dirt or dust. Brush in the direction of the fabric’s grain to avoid damaging it. Dry stains can be removed by using a white or brown gum eraser. If it doesn't work we advise you to visit your local cobbler and get additional advice.

    designer light blue shoes Nubuck cloths are the best option to remove dirt and shiny spots. Wipe in several directions using circular motions and make sure you cover the entire nap area.

    designer light blue shoes Clean the dirt with a dampened cloth and carefully soak the sole in a mixture of water and dishwashing soap. Make sure you don’t soak the upper part! Use a toothbrush with the mixture to scrub your soles. Once it’s done, dry the sneakers using a cloth.

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Arrived in great Penny & Piper gift box. Earrings look like very good quality. Can't wait to give to my niece!
They are simple and look nice
They fit great, are cool and comfortable and clean easy. They move around well but dont fall down when I put heavy stuff in the pockets
It's so beautiful and amazing. The size is perfect and the quality is excellent. I want all the colors!!
My daughter loves it and she is doing better with reading time.
Great no show socks that DO NOT slip down around your heel at all! Would definitely order again.
Perfect fit.
This is a cute little crossbody bag that is perfect for weekend use.

The packaging was well done, and I liked the little cloth bag that came with, which will make it great when I'm ready to store it away. As you can see by the picture, the strap is fairly long and since I'm not a small woman, it still hangs perfectly as a crossbody bag. Nothing irks me more when the strap's too short and I feel like I'm being strangled by my bag :)

It feels like a good quality leather. The only quibble I have so far is that the strap isn't one solid piece of leather but it is stitched together (solidly) on either side of the strap., so I would be concerned about putting too much weight in the bag. But I like that the external compartments can hold my kindle, phone and keys without getting scratched, and the body of the bag is made well. I can't speak to the cost of the bag, as I received this for review purposes, but shipping was quick and everything was packed well.

Overall, I like the bag and I would purchase it as a little gift for family and friends who have a handbag addiction like I do.
Very poor quality. Especially being almost double the price. Id send it back if it wasnt such a hassle.
Looks great and fits great. Good product.
Good one
Works like its supposed to
I expected a little better quality.
These socks are tall. It says crew but they are taller than that. They fit tight at the top. I have purchases carhartt socks several times and these are different. I will not purchase again.
I was hoping my Galaxy s10+ would fit with its case on in the front pocket. But it doesn't I haven't tried putting it in the pocket without it's case because I'm worried I'll drop it (I'm a cluts). Other then that I really like this wallet. I can fit my taser in the pocket. And all my cash, coins & cards fit inside.
*UPDATE* I took my phone case off and my galaxy s10+ does fit in the pocket without the case on!
What can I say? I liked the belt so much I kept the size too big and bought another that fits. It's a nice belt, plenty worth the money, and it was my fault I bought it too big. I typically put on weight in the winter, but I moved and am more active now, so that didn't happen. I have two belts, so if I want to eat cookies and get fat, I have that luxury, so long as I can pull my pants up.
Bought it for a Christmas gift. Appears very well made. Fast delivery.
remarkably comfortable
Very nice! Im loving it so far! Can keep a nice stack of cash, business cards, and every other card I need in my front pocket without a huge bulge
I generally like wrangler but after a few months these have worn holes in the crotch and a belt loop broke.
I received it as inthe picture but i prefer better and fancy packaging
Great quality
I purchase this wallet as a gift for my mother-in-law, this wallet was exactly what I was looking for. Good quality, especially the zipper moves smoothly and the interior organization is as described. I believe that she will love it!!
These are great glasses for me to seem cool and patriotic. But don't use them when on your jet ski, it's no vision enhancer by any means. Nonetheless, I bought them to be cool and that's what I got.
I ordered XXL and I couldn't believe how tight they had been so I measured them. Even though they are marked XXL they are actually a med size based on measurements.
The pants fit very nicely! I am 6'7 and 260lbs and it is difficult to find pants that fit me in the store so ordering from Amazon is the next best thing! Levi's jeans are always good quality.
Very cheaply made! Waste of money!
Good product, keeps me protected from the sun while working in garden. I only wish the back part was a little wider to keep my neck covered during movements and different head positions.
Its a really good slim, affordable wallet. You get what you pay for and this wallet does it and a little extra quality.
I am Waring this shirt now - fits well works well looks great. $15 keeps me from being irate.I have the purple one, too. will buy more i think. I am ~6'2 and ~230, muscular build. the L fits perfect.