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how to make custom tap shoes

DiVERGE puts you at the centre of our brand. Our mission is to give you the option to put your unique story into your sneakers... or not. We want to empower you to do it but we don't make any judgment if you don't. Because we know that sometimes you want to share your story with the world and sometimes you want to protect it from the world. The most important for us is that you get to decide. You decide, we make them. Regardless if you customise or not your sneakers, we will make them just for you, one pair at a time.

We are proud that all the sneakers we offer are made to order. We believe that making products to stock is one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry today. Destruction of excess products is a common practice in the fashion industry. Brands destroy products as a way to maintain exclusivity through scarcity and preserve their reputation. For example, in its 2017-18 annual report, Burberry revealed that "the cost of finished goods physically destroyed in the year was £28.6m", though it has since announced that it would put an end to this practice. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, every year Italian fashion label Stefano Ricci "box up the year's unsold products and send them off on trucks to be burned". A story published in the New York Times in 2017 reported that Nike slashed and dispensed shoes so that they could not be worn or resold.

According to Timo Rissanen, a professor of fashion design and sustainability at Parsons School of Design in New York, brands destroy perfectly good merchandise because "there's more stuff than there ever has been before" since fashion cycles have become shorter. As Professor Rissanen says "it gets insane thinking about clothes that were never worn in the first place. The fabric was made, the garments were made, the labour was put in, and then the stuff gets burned. It represents all kinds of different waste across the system."

So be as proud as we are that your DiVERGE sneakers were made to order. No waste, no problem!

DiVERGE. Make your own way.

Sources: Burberry Annual Report 2017/18, WSJ - Why Luxury Brands Burn Their Own Goods, TNYT - Slashers' Work Ruins Shoes Discarded at a Nike Store, Vox - Why fashion brands destroy billion's worth of their own merchandise every year

Made to order quality sneakers

I purchased a few pairs, and in 2 pairs the waist cord broke almost immediately. The cord is not standard. Its sewn in the back, so you cant restring it.

This makes the shorts almost useless.
Fast shipping, great price, great glasses!
Fit is great
The print, Size, and color is what I was hoping for.
Harsh cloth, not soft, uncomfortable
I really liked the look of these sunglasses. The lenses were fine, but not super tinted. However, they aren't very sturdy. I've had them since January and today I took them out of the case and the frame was broken.
Better than those cheap socks with an expensive name brand embroidered on them.
Good quality and shipping was faster than most items
Came a bit large for a medium, but after a few washes, fit as expected.
Great lightweight sweatshirt
does not fit well on girls and the ankles look weird
The shape is not like original or for damaged with shipping
Cheaply made and wont last long. Purchased in April as a back up pair to more expensive ones and they were broke by June.
For $25 (at time of review, this is a decent Under Armour t-shirt. The material is an airy cotton, thin and comfortable.
I initially got this for my husband, but when I sent it to him asking him if he wanted it, he failed to look at the product description that well.
My husband is an OEF veteran and when this came in and he saw the back, he said it was too tacky for him to wear. He thought it was just the sleeve decal. He said he doesn't like it when veterans overly display the fact and it makes him uncomfortable.
So this is now my 24 week, my t-shirts not longer fit, shirt. LOL. His loss, my gain!
It's really comfortable and a great length on me, but I do agree with him that the giant logo down the back is a bit much.
It s very nice to get it
I liked the way these jeans looked and fit. Both were exactly as advertised but I was very disappointed in how long they lasted. Apparently there is a stress point at the rivet where the rear pocket is attached. The jeans split at this point. I have other Levi's jeans that I bought in the same size and style that are older and still intact. I suggest avoiding this color since it would appear to weaken the material to the point of what I'd consider to be pre-mature failure.
super small for sizing. I bought a 3xl (same as my t shirt size) and as a busty woman, couldn't get it over my shoulders. I checked sizing charts and it should have fit but..... The product is otherwise great- excellent quality and just what I needed.
Nice... I do have a question... Is it a real Timber land product as there is not a full registered trademark... Circle with "R" next to logo?!
Excellent product! My husband loves these underwear!
My granddaughter loves this watch. It is a great learning tool.
Liked product enough to buy additional caps. Had bought caps at walmart previously in about the same price range, but they were nowhere near this quality.
Good fit
Fit great
I have just recieved this wallet to replace my old one, which got a little sloppy after three years use.
Overall it is good with seems quality leather and stitch. The money magnet looks strong, hope it could keep it.

If possible, it may be smaller because there is still rooms around stitches could be reduced.
My husband needed these because he just had shoulder surgery and we needed socks that were easier to get on. He loves Dickies socks and these did not disappoint!
Great price n fit
Great belt! My husband loves it. Thanks!
Great item!