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This post marks the official kick-off of Diverge. Game on. This is it. Diverge is in it now. What makes us different is that we are in it for you as well.

We called our brand Diverge because we wanted to deliver sneakers that are original and different while also putting you and your uniqueness front and center: that is why Diverge made customization the cornerstone of its offer and why its symbol – the I in Diverge – can only be completed by what you put in it. If all goes as planned, every pair of sneakers Diverge makes will be one of kind. Just as you are.

As a project that is just starting, Diverge blends ambition, hope and excitement in equal measure. Diverge has the ambition of being chosen by you to make customized sneakers and we have put a lot of talent and effort to develop a portfolio of sneakers that is novel and relevant in the today’s world. Diverge hopes to support – through the customization of a key fashion accessory – those who want to express who they are and who want to take their destiny into their own hands. Finally, Diverge is excited about having the opportunity to surprise you in every touchpoint or interaction and looks forward to getting your feedback so it can keep getting better.

Diverge is in it now, but in it for you. In the future, this blog will present you with a wide variety of contents: from design trends to product launches, from stories of people like you that are making their own way to ideas to get you started on your own path. If you decide to join us in the journey that starts today, Diverge promises to make your time worthwhile.

Diverge. Make your own way.

Nike t-shirt but a little bit bigger than I thought. We'll definitely get another smaller side next time.
Nice for the price.
I wear them daily, night and day! So comfortable and light I forget that Im wearing them.
This is the second wallet i have got from these guys and its great. Bought this one as a gift for my brother and he loves it. Absolutely no issues with this wallet i reccomend to everyone.
Earrings match the necklace I bought. Very nice.
Matches well with tops.size as expected
I love this tote. It's not too big or too small. I use it everyday to take lunch to work and a book. I could also slip my lap top in there if I wanted. I little attached bag I removed and keep in my everyday pocketbook with a few items that I don't want to get lost in there. ( lip gloss, eye drops, etc) It's well made and lined with a silky material. It zips at the top which is really nice for a tote. I love llama things and this gives me great joy to use.
Absolutely love this ring. So so simple
I really love this wallet! Its a great value for the price and does a great job of holing all the things I need while maintaining its slim profile. I have 10 cards in it and my ID and its the same width it was out of the box. Enjoy the quick access tab too, thought it was a bit gimmicky but it is very convenient.
Honestly holds the shirts that are just cut too large, perfectly in place, if I leave the house with out them on it only takes sitting in the car to wish I had them on. Nothing feels better than knowing you still look exactly the way you left the house when you get to your destination. And you only nearly feel them when you have them on.
Elegant and feminine.
Fits perfectly so far. Very sturdy. I used it for work and it holds up under tough conditions
Way too tight. Nothing comfortable about these until they are pulled and stretched out. the band will leave marks at first if you dont pull on them.
Material is a little thin and size runs a little smaller than expected . Ok to wear as a light jacket.
Feels good on
Love these socks! Even when running with blisters on my heels the socks took the pressure off and caused no further trauma. I have 4 pair now and will definitely buy more in the future.
Many years ago I worked on a sewer replacement project in Key West. I was given a pair of these to protect my eyes from the glare of the tropical sun. I liked them then, I like them now!
Gift. She loved it. Comfy.
we choose this one out of several options we liked this one the best
Very nice
Nice socks. I've been rotating these 4 pair daily and wearing them in leather boots. Toes are warmer as compared with cotton socks, but not overly hot. Wearing them in 35-60 degree weather with occaisonal rain and no snow. Walking on cold hardwood floors without shoes in the morning is comfortable. Have been wearing them for 16 days. They're machine washed cold inside-out and air-dryed as recommended. Have already noticed the pilling just above the heel on the back of the ankle as was described in the product description. Was alarmed until I searched for images of pilling. Learn something new every day. Only problem I have is with the colours of these socks. They are so close in colour that I have to hold them up to the light to be able to tell the difference. Yeah, yeah. I'm not as young as I used to be. {smiling with humour} I suspect this could be fixed by making the branding letters a more pronounced difference in colour. That aside, I'm seriously thinking about buying more for a more convenient washing/drying cycle.
These are perfect for the price. Great quality and great fit. Happy with purchase will buy again
Recently we have been starting to get into hiking and thus our recent purchases for gear. I got this in preparation for an upcoming trip, and honestly it was worth every penny! It is light weight, and works well keeping me cool. I sweat easily and can't stand heat, but this managed to block the sun without making me hot and sweaty. I think this was the best purchase I have made so far for hiking gear.
Inexpensive but looks luxe. Easy magnetic clasp. Lays flat, so its great to pack for travel.
These were for my diabetic husband. They are so comfortable and non-binding. He's worn this brand before, until they get to the point where they are so thread worn, that they have to be replaced!
I liked the glasses BUT they broke after 5 weeks of normal usage. This is the second pair I've gone through in 5 months.
Affordable good quality purse. Has many pockets, for various things. I really like the green color, it really pops out. The zippers are easy to open and close, they dont get tangle like other purses.échirés-Pantalon-Cadeaux-Vacances-Hanches