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diy custom shoes

It is 2020 and the sneaker revolution seems to be reaching its final stage. Back when it all started, it was uncommon to see sneakers - the key element of any sportswear or streetwear fit - being worn with more casual or formal fits. It took a few years for the Athleisure trend to reach mainstream audiences but nowadays you have to look extensively to find a social event (formal or casual) where sneakers are not the most worn type of shoe. Using sneakers has become the norm, seen by all as a regular element of any outfit and that means the revolution was extremely successful at changing our behaviour: we will never go back to using more formal and traditional shoes. Who would want to stop wearing shoes that make us feel comfortable, active and upbeat?

DiVERGE is excited to contribute to this new paradigm. As a company that delivers high-quality, handcrafted sneakers you can customize, we are trying to go further than the rest of the brands. Our mission is to provide you with a wider freedom of choice when it comes to what you wear and put you at the centre of our brand, empowering you to make the sneakers that reflect who you are and where you are in life. We will soon have channels where you and our community can provide suggestions and ideas for future DiVERGE designs but we will always want to be aware of trends in the sneaker universe so we can keep presenting surprising and attractive silhouettes and materials. For 2020, these are the trends we have identified and will be working on:
diy custom shoes
diy custom shoes
First off, colour-block sneakers are staying strong in 2020. So take a risk, go ahead and try it out without limits, as the wilder the combination the better. These styles will be used to make strong fashion statements and are bound to be appealing with outfits that use subtle or monochromatic colours like black, beige or white.

diy custom shoes
diy custom shoes

diy custom shoes
It might be counter intuitive but, in addition to the colour trend, there will be definitely be a podium spot for the white sneaker trend in 2020. I can hear you saying "again?"... I know but next season "white" is spreading throughout all sorts of shapes and styles of sneakers, not just the classics. There is an additional plus: since white is the reflection of all colours, it goes well with pretty much everything!

diy custom shoes
diy custom shoes

diy custom shoes
The return of old trends and designs has always been a recurrent movement in Fashion and it will continue this year. Another season come and gone and everyone is still very much in love with vintage styles. However, in 2020, expect the statement dad sneakers and chunky soles of the recent past to give way to sleeker silhouettes.

diy custom shoes
diy custom shoes

diy custom shoes
This year brings great news for those who wish to have been born with a few extra inches or centimeters: the platform / high soles are back once again! For those of you that used high heels, we can guarantee you these are much easier to walk in as they are considerably more comfortable.

diy custom shoes
diy custom shoes

diy custom shoes
Last but certainly not least, high top lace up sneakers are going to steal the show in 2020. Either with heavy or plain soles, this style will look great with shorter trousers and jeans, so prepare yourself to see them about. If you wish to score some extra points, wear them with fun and colourful socks.


So that is it! This year is bound to be memorable. DiVERGE will certainly try to make it so, side by side with you.

DiVERGE. Make your own way.
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Like the comfort. They breath and are soft.
Hubby likes them. He says if you have a hang nail don't wear them it hurts like crazy. But they do seem to help his feet and legs.
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Very very small earrings. Would only look good on a small girl.
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Bought this as a new purse- the zipper is hard to open and close and my hair catches on the buckle of the straps all the time.
Wasnt what I thought it would be- but could be my fault for not reading item description thoroughly enough.
good buy
More beautiful in person. Looks expensive. Very pretty.
I have several different Sun Glasses and they all fit in this case and it as a Hard Shell case at that.
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Sharp looking, comfortable, great pair of athletic coaching pants.
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