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ethical labour

In this time of uncertainty, we are learning to focus on the more important elements of life. One of them is the people that work with us and make things happen. Today, we want to celebrate them: the Team that handcrafts DiVERGE sneakers for our community.

Our sneakers are made in a custom t shirts near me printing. But what makes them truly special is how the company chooses to operate: with custom t shirts near me printing The company is certified by Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), a leading supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within their factories. Unfortunately, not a lot of companies can say the same.

safe workplace


Our Team works in new and optimized facilities, in regular working hours and with fair salaries & conditions. That is also why they do such great work - they are given a context where they can excel. They play a key role in what DiVERGE is today and what DiVERGE will be in the future. custom t shirts near me printing

Stay Safe. Stay Home.


Ordered a large for my husband (6ft 190lbs) and they were HUGE they didnt even touch his hips. If we had ordered a small they still probably would have been too big
Fits just fine, even after washing it after I received them. The fabric is a little on the thin side but it will be OK during the warm months.
Wish material was a bit thicker but good for the price.
Make me look cute girlfriend cant keep her hands off of me
This is the only type of T-shirt my husband where he accidentally loves it and it fits him just as expected great buy
Great pack of running socks. I'm quite picky about my socks, can't be too loose, too think. too thick, and the list goes one. So I was hesitant buying these online and never seeing them. However these turned out to be my favorite socks! Great stretch to the sock so it fits snug on my foot (size 10) without being constrictive. Not those thin little running socks either, they have a moderate thickness to the material that feels nice and soft of your foot and separates you from cold floors but are still thin enough so that your running shoes will still fit correct without sliding around on a thick loose sock. 6 pairs of a quality running sock like this for ta great price.
Fits fine. Thanks!
Great item.
Another hat for The Donald
Bought these for my son who is 64 and is a big stocky build of a guy. I bought the 3x and they fit him perfectly. They look very nice on him. Great price, well made, no issues. He says they are very comfortable.
Not thick, cheap Chinese socks
This is just the right size to slip in your pocket when you dont need to carry your purse. The snap makes it secure, and its easy to slip the cards in and out. Theres also a place to carry some dollars and a few coins if you want to.
Shipping was fast an quality was good
good value
I purchased these socks for a family member with stage 4 kidney disease. He needed compression & comfort for walking. These have helped him tremendously with fatigue and swelling.
very good quality and fir.
This thing is great. My son uses it to ride his bicycle in bad weather and also for skiing. This is the 2nd one weve gotten him.
Buckle seems very sturdy. Belt fits great and seems well constructed.
Nice glasses. Fit perfectly.
I wear this necklace everyday! And I get so many compliments on it. The length is perfect. And the little pig is so cute! I recently broke the chain on the necklace - totally my fault. I emailed the seller & they are sending me a new chain no questions asked. That is amazing customer service! I would buy from them again!
Used for an under shirt
These earrings are fabulous, beautiful...So different and I wore them once and got lots of complements. I love the look of them.
HUsband approved!
Pretty nice for the price , the case and everything I'm ready to use them on my bike rides
Looks cheap but it will have to do now that I bought it.
Cotton is very excellent, and packaging is also wonderful , Cotton is very excellent, and packaging is also very cool and very good price .
great fit and very comfy
Great fit. Great style. Quality built.
I didn't like these shorts. They felt very thin, they run large as well. Just not good for anything other than walking or possibly lifting weight. Not suited for cycling or running. I've had better shorts from under armor in the past.
Love itängetasche-Anastasia-femmes-Handtaschen